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Six ways an interior landscape can benefit your home or business:

1. First impressions count

By adding plants to your decor, you can help create a positive first impression for customers, employees or guests.

2. Plants reduce stress

Plants have a humanizing effect on otherwise sterile office environments. This reduces stress and increases productivity.

3. Plants play a big role in "Green" buildings

When combined with current technologies, plants help to optimize the humidity and cooling requirements necessary to create energy-efficient buildings.

4. Live plants reduce "Sick Building Syndrome"

Property managers face a serious dilemma; on one hand building need to be energy efficient, on the other hand, reduced air circulation is a primary contributing factor to an increased number of employee sick days. Studies prove that indoor plants improve air quality and reduce employee absenteeism.

5. Plants reduce noise levels

Open office concepts in today's busy workplace environments often result in noisy distractions and a less productive workplace. Well-placed plants can actually abate noise.

6. Plants clean the air naturally

Tightly sealed buildings trap gases from materials such as furniture, carpets + cleaning products, improving air quality prevents asthma & allergies.

A picture of the remarkable Peace Lily

The peace lily is a remarkable plant that cleans indoor air of many environmental contaminants including benzene & formaldehyde. It's also perfect for offices because it needs little sunlight to thrive.